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16th November 2020

3 Roundwood Avenue, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, UB11 1AF

Reporting directly to the Head of OCC, the OCC Manager is responsible for the management and administration of the Operations Control Centre team and the airline flying schedule, including the oversight of all live flight and crew activity, operational control functions, schedule planning and other associated activities in accordance with the airline and regulatory standards, with focus on the upcoming 72 hours of operations.

The OCC Manager is responsible to ensure the seamless transition from pre-planning to live operation, taking into account all operational parameters (aircraft, maintenance, crew, slots, permits, curfews, ground times, etc.), maintaining the day-to-day operation and adjusting activities to address the effects of delays.

In addition to maintaining a safe and efficient fleet and crew operation, the OCC Manager shall liaise with the Technical Director and operational planning teams to ensure that fleet utilisation and punctuality are maximised, maintenance requirements observed and adverse effects to the
operation are minimised and mitigated, to ensure a stable and effective flight operation.

The OCC Manager will be responsible for the rostering of reportable staff, coordinate/schedule or provide training where appropriate, maintain training records and ensure the effective administration of departmental documentation and accounting.

The OCC Manager is part of the Operations Management Team and will maintain daily contact with all commercial and operational stakeholders including partners such as ABC, VD, CLM, etc., and will coordinate briefings to the business at the start of each working day.

Recent restructuring of the Stockley Park HQ, and the ambition of the CLA organisation to growth further, will require the OCC Manager to ensure required actions are taken to implement processes and procedures that will develop the OCC for future expansion.

The role will be based in Stockley Park on Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.30 timings with some adjustments to this pattern to cover shifts or other out of hours occurrences.

Main Duties

The OCC Manager is responsible to the Head of OCC for:

  • Providing administrative and functional oversight of the Operations Control Centre;
  • Coordinate briefings to the business at the start of each working day;
  • Liaison with internal stakeholders, regulatory authorities and other external parties relevant to operational control;
  • Ensuring, in coordination with Head of OCC, Technical Director and MCC to ensure that the correct aircraft are engaged in flight operations;
  • Liaising with operational planning teams to ensure effective transfer of flights from planning phase to operational phase through documented procedures;
  • Organising the OCC team for duties and prepare duty rosters and recommendation of assignments where appropriate;
  • Scheduling, providing and recording of training for the OCC team;
  • Monitoring the correct application of flight time limitations by OCC staff;
  • Control and oversight of the flight schedule, including advance schedule planning, providing guidance on, and delegating decision-making for, flight preparation activities by supporting departments and live operational changes by the duty OCC Controller where appropriate;
  • Continuously reviewing the flying program for efficiency gains and cost saving opportunities;
  • Overseeing the duties of all operational staff to ensure that the operational plans are efficient, effective and compliant with all local and international regulations;
  • Weekly reporting of key parameters (OTP, delay statistics, post-flight reporting);
  • Attending commercial and management meetings with regard to future network plans and scenarios;
  • Working with the Nominated Person Flight Operations (NPFO) for the coordination and dispatch of flights, including crew briefings, weather, NOTAMS, CZIBs, flight plans, etc.;
  • Ensuring the OCC reacts promptly and effectively to adverse events such as delays, emergencies, crew sickness, aircraft damages or AOGs, to limit the effect on the operation;
  • Administration of departmental documentation and records including returned flight documents;
  • Completion of financial budget and reporting;
  • Ensuring that OCC is fully staffed, trained and organised;
  • Overseeing and coordinating the outsourcing of OCC functions;
  • Producing effective department procedures via the OCC Manual to facilitate the performance of OCC staff in their duties;
  • Ensuring that the staff within the department are fully conversant with the company flight time limitations scheme, and fatigue management;
  • Ensuring the OCC team are fully conversant in all aspects of the Operations setup processes to enable effective control of the operation out-of-hours, especially in the case of short-notice charter requests or significant disruption to the flying schedule;
  • Monitoring all OCC personnel in the application of procedures, performance and flight safety standards in accordance with the OM. In case of ineffectiveness and/or noncompliance takes corrective action;
  • Ensuring the OCC is prepared for the activation of the Emergency Response Plan.

Qualifications and Experience Required

  • Ability to communicate at all levels;
  • Good customer service skills;
  • Strong leadership skills;
  • Decision-making;
  • Strong efficiency and punctuality;
  • A working knowledge of Microsoft office and operational systems;
  • Good organizational skills including project management;
  • Previous experience in a similar role;
  • Good understanding of EASA FTL;
  • Commercial affinity;
  • Basic understanding of air political policies (traffic rights, permits).

Applications should be made to [email protected].  Applicants should submit a CV and Covering Letter stating how they match the criteria. Also they are able to work in the UK and prove 5 years employment history.