CargoLogicAir approves Customers the use of their own tracking devices on most CLA flights.

You now have the ability to add tracking devices to your shipments and receive additional information at frequent intervals

Which tracking devices can be used?

Active tracking devices send live shipment data such as actual location, temperature, humidity or changes in luminosity. Data transmission is disabled in all devices during flight to conform to air safety regulations.

The following tracking devices are approved for use on CargoLogicAir flights:

Brand ModelType
Kirsen GlobalSecurityType A
SensitechTemptale R ®Direct
SensitechTemptale RUltra
SensitechTemptale RUltra Dry Ice probe
SensitechTemptale RAmbient Monitor
SensitechTemptale RBio Monitor
SensitechTemptale RHumidity Monitor
SensitechTemptale RDry Ice Probe Monitor
SensitechTemptale RDuel Sense Monitor
SensitechTemptale RMini Monitor
SensitechTemptale RProbe Monitor
SensitechTemptale RUSB Monitor
SensitechTemptale RUSB Dry Ice Monitor
SensitechTemptale RUSB Multi Alarm
SensitechTemptale RIndicator
SensitechTemptale RThermoalert
SensitechTemptale RVaxAlert Indicator
SensitechTemptale RFreezeAlert Indicator
SensitechTemptale 4
OnAssetSentry 500Flysafe 100
OnAssetSentinelBLE 5.0
OnAssetSentinelFlysafe 100P
OnAssetSentinelFlysafe 100L
OnAssetSentinelFlysafe 100A
OnAssetSentinelFlysafe 100B
OnAssetSentinelFlysafe 100S
OnAssetSentry 400Flightsafe 500
OnsetInTemp Series Temp CX500CX501
OnsetInTemp CX501CX502
OnsetInTemp CX502CX503
MadgetechCyro Temp
MadgetechMicro Temp
MadgetechPRH Temp101
MadgetechPRH Temp110
MadgetechTransitTemp 11 RHRH
MadgetechTC 4000MP
MadgetechTemp RetrieverRH

Only devices that have been approved by CargoLogicAir are permitted for use. Approval can be applied for via the following email: [email protected]

Conditions of Usage

  • Only devices that have been approved by CargoLogicAir are permitted for use.
  • Devices must not be charged whilst on board an aircraft.
  • Use of devices is limited to the cargo compartments only.
  • Defective devices or those showing physical signs of damage must not be carried.
  • Non-waterproof devices are only to be used inside cargo consignments and containers, devices must not be attached to the outside of a consignment.
  • Devices must be packaged in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and in such a way as to prevent damage during packing and transportation.
  • The package that contains the device must be marked, labelled and packed in accordance with the current edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  • The customer must advise the Dangerous Goods Officer of every shipment travelling on a CLA flight, containing a tracking device. Please provide air waybill number, flight and date via the following email: [email protected]