Rahul Gupta

Network Operations Manager- Ground Operations

Hi, my name is Rahul Gupta and I joined CargoLogicAir (CLA) in July’2019. My working hours is 09.00hrs to 17.30hrs but most of the days I end up working outside my working hours to ensure there are no issues regarding cargo operation.

My job involves setting up process and procedures for CLA cargo warehouse operation for each station with local station management and service providers, this involves assessment of every new station CLA plans to operate, setting up customs messaging in liaison with Group Head Quarters-SVO team and all relevant stations, ensuring every station management and service provider is implementing all the requirement as per CLA process and procedures.

I am also part of the planning team for CLA to ensure all aspects of warehouse handling is covered whenever CLA plans a new Charter operation. My job also involves having regular communication with local station management and warehouse service providers and providing feedback to CLA management team.

Unit Load Device (ULD) control and requirement for CLA operation across stations is also part of my job functionality by liaising with ULD service provider, local station management and ground handling agent. I have recently completed the Cargo Handling Manual (CHM) for Cargologicair which will be published soon.

On a regular basis I also interact with internal departments such as Finance, Operational control centre (OCC), Security, Safety and Compliance, Commercial/Customer Services to ensure we can establish the best working practice and process which will increase productivity of the department and also make it more simplified.

I was selected for this role for being in Cargo operation for more than 25years, having a vast knowledge and experience in Cargo Planning for passenger and freighters, ULD planning, ramp operational knowledge, and a very good understanding of Cargo-IQ.

I have had various training through my previous employers regarding Dangerous Goods and Radioactive material, Live Animals, Pharma (Cool Chain), Special load handling, Routing and Rating, Supervisory Training- Communicating with influence.

My Cargo journey started with Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) based in Delhi, India where I am originally from. I went through all cargo related courses with SAS which helped me gain knowledge of Passengers and Freighter operation.

I gained knowledge of different types of aircrafts B767/A330/A340/B747F-200 with SAS which provided me with the foundation in Cargo operation and as it was a small station was involved with customer services, tracing, warehouse operation, ramp operation, ULD handling, special load handling, claims. I moved to United Kingdom (UK) in Jun2002, started working with Cargo Service Centre (Now Swissport Cargo Services) at London Heathrow as Cargo Executive taking care of day to day planning of all different operators. This helped me immensely to understand the functionality of a ground handling agent.

I joined Emirates SkyCargo in Dec2003 as my aim was to get back to an airline and here, I spent more than 15 years of my career which helped me grow as a professional. I worked at Emirates SkyCargo as a Cargo Liaison Executive, underwent new cargo and operational training along with refresher training of all the training programmes mentioned previously. Load planning and special load training for B777-200/B777-300/A-330/A-340/B747-400F/B777F.

I was also the inhouse trainer in UK for Emirates SkyCargo regarding Basic cargo and ULD planning on aircrafts and provided sales team training regarding pricing on freighters. After more than 15 Years with Emirates it was time to move on for a new challenge and this is when opportunity came up with Cargologicair. It has been a major learning curve with CLA as we have seen the ups and downs.

I feel very proud to be part of a team with a never give up attitude, where you are challenged every day to give your best and find solutions to problems. I also pride myself to be part of the team which has helped in revival of the company.