Carly Hill

HR and Payroll Executive

I joined VDUK in 2010 as receptionist and absolutely loved the team of professionals and various departments I was working with.

I very quickly found myself wanting to take on more responsibilities and was glad to be given the opportunity to move into the finance department as ‘Cashier’ for a maternity cover

I very much enjoyed this role and think this was where I got my passion for dealing with figures.

In 2014 i joined the HR team to assist with the HR Director and found this to be the highlight of my career, this is where I learnt a lot and  progressed into making the payroll my area of expertise and passion.

In 2017, I moved to CargoLogicAir with the HR Director as HR and Payroll Executive, my role includes providing support to employees regarding their pay, benefits and general HR duties.

I still find my job exciting and it changes every day.  It means talking with the payroll system provider HMRC, Benefit providers, putting together statistics and analysis for senior management and external auditors as well as interacting with all employees from the CEO to the most junior person.