Scheduled Air Cargo Services

In partnership with our customers, CargoLogicAir create scheduled cargo corridors to establish routine flights for their air freight. Through our hubs in the United Kingdom, we have experience of designing programmes of weekly operations to multiple destinations in Europe, Asia and North America for a range of different cargo types.

General Sales Agent For AirBridgeCargo in the UK and Ireland

CargoLogicAir is proud to be the General Sales Agent (GSA) in the British Isles for one of the world’s leading cargo airlines - AirBridgeCargo.

As a major operator of both B747 Freighter and B777 Freighter aircraft types, AirBridgeCargo is a key strategic partner for CargoLogicAir. The cooperation between the two airlines enables CargoLogicAir customers to benefit from a wide range of aircraft and services.

AirBridgeCargo’s hub in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport connects customers to major trade centres in Asia, Europe, Russia and North America. Through booking with us, we can provide capacity on dedicated freighter flights from both London Heathrow, and AirBridgecargo’s EU mainland hubs, to over 40 destinations internationally.

  • Scheduled service operator for over 15 years;
  • 330 scheduled B747F and B777F cargo flights worldwide;
  • 600,000 tons of air cargo transported annually;
  • CEIV certification for Pharma cargo capacity for ex. UK and Ireland;
  • Oversized and Project air cargo capacity for ex. UK and Ireland.

Scheduled Flights Sales Team in the UK

For reservations and quotes on AirBridgeCargo (RU) services for cargo from the United Kingdom and Ireland, please do not hesitate to contact our London Heathrow CargoLogicAir sales team.
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