Launched in 2015, CargoLogicAir is the United Kingdom’s only maindeck freighter airline.

Headquartered close to London Heathrow Airport and with our main operating base at London Stansted Airport, we connect British companies with prime export markets in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. We also enable international businesses to bring their goods to the UK to supply British companies and consumers.

CargoLogicAir has a growing fleet of modern, nose-loading Boeing 747 freighters that incorporate the most advanced technologies to enhance its cargo carrying capabilities and environmental efficiencies.

Our team of more than 200 experienced and highly-trained professionals are working in close partnership with customers in a wide range of key industry sectors. We aim to ensure our operating network supports their major trade lanes and offers the time-critical delivery solutions they need to enhance their business reputations with buyers around the world.

Our route development strategy supports the market and product focus of our customers, including:

Offsize cargoes Pharma Aerospace
Automotive Oil & gas E-commerce

At CargoLogicAir, we are making a long-term commitment to the future of air cargo in the United Kingdom and investing in our ability to deliver world class air cargo solutions to facilitate the global growth ambitions of British businesses, supporting Government and Industry initiatives to bolter international trade links.

In the world of international trade, we’re proud to be backing Britain.